We are almost packed and ready for our weekend getaway.  Two weeks late, but we finally get to celebrate our 24th anniversary in wonderful Idyllwild, California.  This is the second year in a row that we have rented a cabin.  We had such a fun time last year, despite having the worst dinner at a restaurant, story for another day.  This time we are trying a new restaurant for dinner and breakfast, packing a lunch to do some hiking during the day, and barbecuing one night.  

I hope that you make time to celebrate special milestones with your hubby.  For years I was just "too busy" to get away.  It seemed like more hassle then it was worth to try to find a babysitter and afford the trip, period.  But, I now see how much we could have really used, at least, a yearly get away and definitely want to recommend it for each of you!  Your marriage and your kids deserve happy, healthy parents.

We are staying at Boulder Creek Cottage for the first time.  You can check out there website HERE, if you are looking for a nice getaway.  Be back on Sunday!