I had the opportunity to read a book that has been in print for awhile, one that has sold over 200,000 copies.  When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up by Dr. Michael D. Sedler.  

There are 10 chapters filled with wonderful advice, stories from the author's life and biblical examples to help us understand how to communicate, or in some cases not communicate, with others. It is a book to really ponder over, and if you have a conflict right now with another person, it will probably help shed light on how to best speak to that person.  I had a situation a few months ago with someone and this book really made me examine my part in the conflict.  

There was a quote shared in the book that really touched me and I wanted to share:  "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends"  - Martin Luther King

Here are words of wisdom from the author:  "Our goal should be to encourage communication and help people to find a way to speak their thoughts.  Unfortunately, we spend more time "doing" than "listening".  We were given two ears for a reason.  Communication breakdowns discourage people from sharing their thoughts and ideas, and create opportunities for offense, bitterness and misunderstanding.  Hurtful silence within a family, a church, a business or among friends can be devastating.  Commit yourself to finding new ways to encourage discussions and communication among your personal and business contacts.  

So, if you feel like this is an area in your life where some light needs to be shed, click 
HERE to purchase a copy of this inspiring book.  

I received a copy of this book from Chosen Books.  All thoughts and remarks and 100% mine and were not influenced by receiving this book free.