I think if you ask most people what their favorite holiday is Christmas will be top on their list.  A time to be with family and get presents.  But I love Valentine’s Day!  It is a much simpler holiday, no worries about cleaning the house for company or buying a ton of gifts.  I love how this holiday evolves as you get older too.  I remember passing out Valentine’s in elementary school.  How much fun it was to see your bag (that you decorated in class) get full of valentines.  I loved that the boys gave out valentines with super heros on them and the girls had Barbie ones.  So much fun!  Most of that goes away once you hit middle school and high school, what a shame it is so much fun! 

The next phase is finding someone special to share the day with.  I remember the first Valentine’s Day with my husband to be he had to work so I found his car in the parking lot and stuck a ton of hearts that I had cut out on the windows inside his car.  I also left a nice card. 

Then you have children and get to shop for cards with them or help them make crafts.  Since we home schooled most of years I remember having some of my daughter’s friends come over to exchange cards and to make candy holders.  We took a terra cotta pot and turned it upside down.  We then purchased glass bowls and glued them onto the bottom of the pots.  We used the drip tray of the pot as a lid and glued a wooden ball on the top for a handle.  The girls were able to paint their candy jars and fill them up. 

What I love now days is the introduction of photo cards.  It has opened up a whole new world of personalized cards.  Shutterfly is one site I visit a lot to make great cards.  I love that they not only have a wonderful array of templates to make cards, but they also have lots of other items that would make the perfect gift.  If you love to have your children make Valentine’s Day gifts for family I think the photo mugs are one of the greatest ideas.  That way grandma or grandpa can see their little ones each day over morning coffee. 

I wrote this post as part of the “Tell Shutterfly What Valentine’s Day Means To You” promotion.  I will be receiving 2 codes for 25 free cards.  One I will be sharing with a lucky winner soon!