Well, I love to change my house!  The problem is my husband is not so excited about it.  We have lived in our home for eight years now and we are just now finally getting to our master bathroom.  It received a quick coat of paint when we first moved in and that was it.  But you know me, things have to be done on the cheap, so I decided to start with our bathroom cabinets.  I decided to repaint them and had some handles.  I already had the paint and spent around $12 for the handles.  My husband added molding to the two doors for around $8. 

Before (already had the doors off)                             After  (not sure why it is blurry)


I know what you are thinking, is that carpeting in the bathroom?  Yes, that is a project for the new year.  Next will be some molding around the mirror.  If you have any transformations you will like to share, e-mail us your before and after pics so we can marvel at your handy work!