photo from HGTV

We are coming close to the time of year when lots of you will be welcoming overnight visitors into your home.  Here are a few tips to help make them feel like they are at home:

*Label remote controls in the bedroom or even leave instructions
*If there is not a closet for them to hang their items place a over the door hook
*Vacuum the rooms perimeter, baseboards, around furniture legs and beneath the bed
*Place a motion senor night light in the room so they can see their way
*If you can afford it, place a luggage rack or stool where they can leave their luggage 

*Put some coasters out for water glasses and a box of tissue
*If you will be sharing a bathroom leave their towels in their bedroom so they know which ones they can use
*Leave a nice scent behind with a room deodorizer, bowl of cinnamon sticks or potpourri

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