As I mentioned earlier today my daughter and I planned a thrift shopping trip about 30 miles south of us in Escondido, CA.  We had six stops planned but could not find one of the thrift shops.  I had on my list to look for candles, a mirror and vintage Pyrex.  I love Pyrex.  It is my new love and I am often reading online blogs where others have found Pyrex at thrift stores.  I have only been lucky enough to ever find 1 piece in my city so I thought going some place else might be the trick.  Well, it was!  Here are some pictures of some of the items we bought:

I found 2 Pyrex casseroles, I could not believe it!  The teal snowflake dish is from Salvation Army.  They were having 50% off everything in the store so it was only $3.25!  The yellow Butterfly Pyrex casserole dish is from Goodwill and was $3.99.  I also picked up a Ice O Mat from Valley Thrift Store.  It was pricey, $7.95, but I love the teal color and it will be a fun addition to my kitchen.  Last from this picture is this glass jar.  It has French writing on it so I thought it would be fun to place in our guest room filled with candy for when our foreign exchange student arrives in August.

My daughter found a Hollister hoody and a Gap sweater at Valley Thrift.

I was not really looking out for this but I found a Winston Thomas quilt and sham for the guest bed for our foreign exchange student.  Earlier in the week I shared with you the dresser that I painted and the colors were gray and yellow.  I had been looking online for comforters for this room and knew they were not cheap.  This set was $24.95, maybe not that cheap for a thrift store, but it is almost brand new and I know it was a much better price than I could find at any other store.  I am thrilled with it!

The last item I bought was this Beatrix Potter wall hanging with knobs to hang things from.  I have no idea where I am going to put it.  I think it would be best in a child's room, but I am sure I will find a place for it.  It was only $2.25 at Salvation with their 50% off sale!

Have you gone thrifting lately?  If you have and want to show off some of your goodies, e-mail us the pics and we will share them.

P.S.  No candles or mirror - still on the look out for those.