I have been busy the last few weeks so have not visited any thrift stores.  Well that all changed yesterday.  My daughter and I visited our local Goodwill on Wednesday.  I did not take any pictures, but I bought a blue and white striped beach umbrella that I am actually using as a patio umbrella for $9.99.  

Here are most of my goodies from today:

My husband and I visited Salvation Army.  Most of the items in the store were 30% off so it made for some good deals.

I love the paint can!  I have seen this idea on a few websites, but just have never gotten around to trying this.  Well, someone else bought a brand new can and decorated it with scrapbook paper and even added the paint can opener.  It is so adorable!  I cannot wait to give it to someone with a gift inside.  It was $1.99 before the 30% off.

My husband bought a small vase for a succulent and the blue coffee mug.  One item was $2 and one was $1 before the discount.

The silver candle holders were only $.99 for the entire set and include glass holders with purple candles already in them.  With the 30% off I could not pass them up!  

I have a soft place for candles and I loved the red candle in the mason jar.  I love the jars that have the latch that closes them.  So cute!  $1.99 before 30% off.

The book I might read, but the main reason I bought it was for decoration.  A lot of the older Reader's Digest have beautiful covers hidden underneath their paper covers.  I read about them HERE.  Unfortunately hardcover books at Salvation Army are $2 each and were not on sale.  I actually found 3 of them, but would only allow myself to buy 1.  Hopefully I can pick up some more some place else even cheaper.  Here is a picture of them in all their glory!

readers digest books 006
  Photo courtesy of home23duncanboys

The last item I did not take a picture of since it was so large.  I bought a dust ruffle for the bed that our foreign exchange student will be sleeping on.  She will be here in less then 2 week!  It was $4 before the 30% discount.