In my head anyway.  We moved into our home 8 years ago.  We were stuck with terra cotta colored floor tile and paint to match!  While I knew the tile on the floor must stay I tried to figure out what theme would go with it.  So, I choose a take on a Tuscan theme, yellow and orange.  I have loved it for years, but you know, it is time for a change :)  Well, my dream of new floor tile continues.  I want to put tile in my entire downstairs but that will be a lot of money so instead I will focus on the paint and cabinets.   I have dreams of white cabinets and a wood counter top.  I have started saving pictures I love from the internet into OneNote (a program in Office) so I can try to figure this all out.  I am trying to be frugal about it, but I also need good quality items.  This is my summer project and I hope to have it complete by the second week in August.In the picture above you see some of the white items I am slowly bringing in to see if I like them.  The platter was $2 at a thrift store and the cook sign is a collage frame a friend no longer wanted.  I painted it and printed out the letters.  Hopefully it will hang in the kitchen once we are all done. 


Have you redone your kitchen?  If so, I would love to see your before and after pictures.   Please e-mail your before and after pictures to me HERE.  The deadline to enter is June 9th.  I will then post all of your pictures and we will vote on the best and that person will receive a Amazon Gift Card.