Have you joined Swagbucks yet?  I hope so, as it is another great way to fill your mailbox with freebies!  For the next few days I will be sharing tips with you on how to earn more Swagbucks.  Click HERE to sign in or create an account. 

Outside of all the usual ways to earn Swag Bucks, there are some easy to grab points sitting out there that you may not even realize are available. For example, have you completed your user profile? If not, you're missing out on easy Swag Bucks for things like uploading a profile picture. You'll know if you still have some info to fill out if you go to your Swagbucks homepage and see and indicator - either on the right or in the middle of the page letting you know that you can earn some Swag Bucks for finishing up.

The best part is that having your profile completed helps Swagbucks bring you more relevant content so you can earn even more Swagbucks!

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