Today I am trying to highlight some of the great ways you can fill your mailbox with goodies for FREE!  Swagbucks is another great way to do that. 

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Once you have registered you will receive 30 Swagbucks for FREE.  Enter code HelpJapan and receive an additional 50 points. 
Then you are on your way.  They have all sorts of ways for you to earn Swagbucks.
**One great way to earn Swagbucks is to refer your friends.  By doing so you get Swagbucks whenever they earn them. 

So you might be wondering, what can I get with all those Swagbucks?  Well, my favorite is money sent directly to my Paypal account!  They also offer $5 Amazon gift cards with only 450 Swagbucks and many other items. 

If you already have an account I would love to what you have cashed out for.