It has been awhile since I have highlighted SavingStar.  I just cashed out a little over $8 with them last week and it was deposited into my Paypal account, so easy!  

Here is how they work.  Like other coupon companies that I highlight on our coupon page, their coupons change all the time.  What is different is that rather than printing out the coupons and taking them with you when you go shopping, you create a SavingStar account and load the coupons to your account.  When you purchase the items using your grocery store reward card (which you register with SavingStar), they keep track of the coupons you use and deposit the amount into your account.  They have individual coupons and then from time to time they have coupons for savings when you buy a certain dollar amount.  For instance, I added a Lean Cuisine deal to my account.  Once I purchased $20 in Lean Cuisine items, they deposited $5 into my account.  So easy!

Click the orange button above to sign up today and start saving!