As many of you know, I love decorating.  But just because I love it does not mean that every room in my home is a success.  There are many things I think we would all like to change about our homes, but either lack of inspiration or money keeps us from fulfilling those dreams.  

One of my favorite decorating blogs, Vintage Revivals is hosting a Room Make Over Giveaway.  If you have a blog to share your story, or a video camera and can create a video, then you can enter for change to have Mandi, from Vintage Revivals come and makeover your room.  Click HERE to read all about it.  

The minute I read about this giveaway I knew I wanted to enter, but the thought of sharing my room with everyone kind of freaked me out.  You know how it is, we want everyone to think we are perfect, our family is perfect and our home is perfect.  If only!  So it got me realizing that sharing my horrible (um I mean)  in need of inspiration room would be a good thing.  You can see the REAL me and I can let loose!  So, here goes!

When we bought our home I loved the extremely high ceilings.  But once you realize that you have a very large wall with stairs that make it really hard to stand and hang anything on it, you just leave it bare for a while, well like 10 years, yikes!

Welcome, welcome.  Do not trip when you step from one type of flooring to another.  Yes, that is brown concrete paint in our living room.  What?  You do not like it?  Makes you want to take a mud bath?

What, you do not have enough wall space to hang all of your pictures?  You can have some of mine!  

We are all about saving money here at MFM, but this project might have gone a little bit too far.  A dining room table that the neighbors cut the legs off of.  Yes, I can use that as a coffee table.  And since I want to be frugal I will not spend any money on paint, I will use the concrete stain on the table as well and then just sand the legs.  Yikes!

OK, it is not all bad!  I do have a piano, although it is a very tiny one.  People who know about pianos tell me it is missing keys, it is so short!  I made the curtains though, what do you think?   The blinds were a steal, but they are not the best quality and no longer go up and down.  Ugh!!!

It cannot all be bad.  I have one piece in this room that I love!  This vintage desk that I purchased off of a friend.  Love it!

So, are you feeling better about your own home now?  That is what I am here for.  Any suggestions?  Oh how I would love that room make over!  Voting will start in a few days and I would love it if you could vote for my room, unless you enter your room.  If you do, good luck, but I really want to win :)