From time to time I share recipes that I love here on MFM.  I have finally gotten around to creating a page for them all.  Look above at the page headings and you will see a new choice MFM's Fun Recipes!  I love to bake more than cook, so you will see a lot more recipes for goodies, but I am working on trying more main meal recipes.  My husband and I talk about how when he retires he can cook all the meals and I will do all the baking.  We have it all planned out, we just have to wait many years for that to happen :)  If you have any recipes that you and your family love, please e-mail them to me!  I will try to make as many as possible and share them with everyone!

Also note that I put a Pin It tab on the page.  If you have a Pinterest account and love recipes, I would appreciate it if you could pin the page!