If you print coupons from our coupon page you might have noticed something new with some of the Coupon Network coupons.  If you are willing to watch a short video about some of the products your coupon amount will increase.  For 30 seconds I will watch a video if it means a higher value coupon.  Here are some of the newest video coupons.

$1.75 Off Barbara'sRegistered trademark symbol Cereal

$3.25 GerberRegistered trademark symbol Good StartRegistered trademark symbol Powder formulas

$1.25 DOLERegistered trademark symbol Fruit Smoothie Shakers

$1.10 Stouffer'sRegistered trademark symbol Entrée/Stouffer'sRegistered trademark symbol French Bread Pizzas

55¢ off DOLERegistered trademark symbol Frozen Fruit single-serve cups

$1.10 off Stouffer'sRegistered trademark symbol Farmers' HarvestTrademark symbol entrées

$1.10 off POST Honey Bunches of Oats NEW Fruit Blends

$1.00 off General Mills cereals

75¢ off Multi Grain CheeriosRegistered trademark symbol cereal