I wrote a few weeks ago about my kitchen remodel that is still just in by head :)  Well, I started to think about some of the colors I wanted to bring into the room and turquoise/teal was one of them.  So my daughter and I headed out to an antique store (you know the ones, takes 2 hours to walk through) and found a Pyrex bowl in such a pretty color!  I bought it along with another kitchen gadget that was turquoise and came home happy.  I decided to look on line to find out more about Pyrex and was surprised to find so many people who love it and collect it.  There are websites dedicated to all things Pyrex!  I was able to educate myself a little bit and put together a wish list of items I would love to have some day. 

For instance I found out that the dish I bought (the one on the right) is called the Butterprint pattern.  It is a serve and store bowl and there were 3 in the set originally and it should have had a lid, oops! 

I have a friend whose mother sells antiques so I gave her a copy of my wish list in case she already had a few pieces waiting to sell.  She surprised me with a stop at my house last week with the large bowl on the left.  It is one of a set of 4 mixing bowls.  Love it! 

From reading the websites, I found many people have luck finding these items at thrift stores or garage/estate sales.  Our area is filled with new homes so the hope of me finding them this way is not too high, but I do have the antique stores.  Ebay also has a lot for sale, but you do have to pay shipping which brings the price up quiet a bit.  We are heading on a road trip in a few days and am looking forward to hitting up thrift stores there in hopes for finding some "treasure".

If you are interested in learning more about Pyrex, here are the two sites I came across:


If you collect Pyrex I would love to see and hear about what you have!