asked the question today "What is Your Favorite Thing About Easter" so I thought I would pose the question to all of you as well.  I love to hear different traditions, crafts, etc.  By learning from others we can pick up some great tips and ideas!

For me, the most important thing about Easter is what is often overshadowed now days and that is the Real reason we celebrate.  Not for the Easter Bunny but for the resurrection of Jesus.  Unfortunately growing up we did not attend church and I truly thought it was all about eggs and candy.  I had a wonderful time collecting candy each year, but looking back I think it would have meant even more if I knew the real reason.  Even if you do not go to church I urge you to make sure your little ones to the Real reason behind the holiday.  If you are not sure how to share the story with them Childrens Chapel has a great write up that you can get Here.

As my 2 teenagers were growing up we still made sure to have fun too!  We had a huge yard when they were little and I loved getting up early and hiding all the goodies for them.  Who does not love the looks on young ones faces when they find those special treats?  Priceless!  Being frugal I always made a trip to my local dollar store for as many of the supplies as I could find.  I also made sure to stock up ahead of time to get some great deals.  I have a video we shot when the kids were little.  It shows up waking them both up and watching them sleepy eyed make it down the stairs wondering what was going on.  That year it had rained so my husband and I hid everything inside the house.  We still love to watch that video and see their excitement with each new find.  We were lucky enough to have my sister-in-law staying with us a few years ago during Easter and were able to hide items once again for my then almost two year old nephew. 

I have decorated in the past as well.  With the kids older it just does not seem as important, but my container of decorations is still in the garage.  We have a ton of really large plastic eggs that would go in our front yard along with some plastic eggs that have holes in the top so you can run wire and ribbon through them and hang them from the trees.  Just a nice way to get your yard beautiful and colorful for the holiday.  I shared her before the home made egg wreath the kids and I made one year.  I still have it and it brings back great memories.

So, what are some of your traditions, crafts, recipes, etc.?  I would love for you to leave a comment so everyone can get some new ideas.

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