I thought it would be fun to share some of my crazy life with you so you can see what I do in between finding those freebies!  All of us moms wear so many hats it is just insane some times!

7am - Up with my daughter even though she is on Spring Break.  She is on the swim team at school and they still have practice at 7:30am!  Started my weekly wash (yes, I only do wash once a week)

Came home after dropping off my daughter and looked for deals and freebies and shared what I found with all of you here.  Took 2 phone calls and then finally got dressed.  Yes, I took my daughter to school in my pjs!  Hey, I at least put on a sweater :)  

Time to get my daughter, come home and continue with the laundry.  I also have been obsessed with spray painting all the door knobs in my home.  I saw it on a decorating blog and just had to get me some Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint like all the other ladies.  I am happy to report that the last knob is now painted.  But, I also have to mention that I decided to spray the hinges on my guest bathroom cabinet doors.  I had painted the cabinets last summer and was lazy and just painted right over the hinges.  Well, that made coat number 3 of paint on those poor things and they just looked horrible.  So, since I have the spray paint out why not try to scrap all the old paint off those 4 hinges (not easy I must say) and spray paint them as well?  They will be staying in the garage to dry until at least tomorrow.  

Ate lunch and then drove my daughter to the dentist.  She had 1 bad cavity and the dentist was worried that they might have to do a root canal and crown, but in the end they were able to just put in a filling.  

Came home and found that my husband and son were gone.  My son's old hand me down car had a window that could hardly roll up and down.  They returned an hour later.  My husband had gone on Youtube to watch a video about trying to repair it, but in the end he made it worse and had to take it to the dealership to get it repaired.  Made me think I need to take a lot more surveys now to pay that off!  

Finished laundry and then thought that before I put the door knob back on my son's door why don't I just paint the door.  Cause I have nothing else to do anyway!  It is now 7:30pm and I am waiting for the last coat to dry so I can finally put that last door knob back on.  Insane, I know!

Made dinner (Fajita Linguine) with biscuits, took a shower and waiting for Dancing with the Stars to come on.  

Tomorrow I will be driving one hour to take my mom to lunch and then visit some thrift stores, her favorite pastime.  Then I will be bringing her back to my home to visit for a few days.  So, if it is a little quieter around here you will know why.  I will hopefully find some wonderful treasures while we are out that I can share with you.  Wish me luck!