Each month I share with you what I was able to make cashing out with the companies I do surveys for.  Normally I average about $100 a month but it seems the last couple of months things have been a little different.  I have one month with around $150 and then the next month is $50.  It still averages out to be the same amount, but it makes some months look really good.  That is how July looks.  Here is the list of the companies I was able to cash out with.  If you have yet to take a stab with survey companies, click HERE to visit our entire page of companies.  Pick a few and get started and see if you like it.  

E-Rewards $25 gift card
ESearch $2
Global Opinion $10
Global Test Market $50
MySurvey $20
One Opinion $37 - $20 was from an online focus group I participated in
Opinion Outpost $10
Pinecone Research $6
Survey Savvy $12
Viewpoint $11.73
TOTAL $181.73