As has been the tradition the last few months I am sharing with you how much I received from each survey company.  I am doing this so that you can get a feel for what survey companies are paying and maybe get a glimpse into which ones pay the best and offer the most surveys.  Keep in mind each person will qualify for different surveys so not every company is for everyone.  Note:  These are actual earnings I cashed out for, not just companies I earned something from but still have the amount sitting in my account.  If you have never signed up for surveys or maybe only a few, I recommend visiting our survey page to get started!


Mysurvey  - $20
Surveyspot - $10
Viewpoint - $11.73  (the only way to become a member is to be referred by a current member)
Toluna - $20
Synovate - $10
HCD $13.80
Opinion Outpost $18.70
American Consumer Opinion $10
e-poll $15
Testspin $8.20

TOTAL - $137.43