It has been a really long time since I have shared any of my thrift store finds! I have still been going out looking for goodies, but mainly I have been purchasing clothing, to stretch that budget! Well, my hubby and I headed out yesterday to see what we could find. I was in search of a sofa table for our home. I did not find one, but what I would is so much better!

I am assuming that this is a small kitchen or dining room table. Someone had already made an attempt to have it look shabby chic. They did a really good job with the destressing, the only issue is that the veneer on the very top section had come off. Rather than trying to make myself go crazy and match their paint work, I decided just sand the top and stain it a nice dark brown color. I will be using it just like it is in this picture, rather than open all the way, with a lamp that we picked up for $7.99 and a few other knick knacks from around the house. Cost $19.99

Here is a picture of it with one of the leaves up. I just love the ornate legs!

I could not leave Heather Jean at the store! She was $2.99. Looks like it was painted on silk or some other fabric in Korea in 1953. If you have any interest in purchasing her, email me! The frame alone is really pretty, but is missing a part at the bottom.