I cannot believe the year is over and it is time to do a recap!  Wow, where does the time g?  I went back to my tracking document and I think there is a problem.  There was nothing for the first 4 months of the year, outside of $10 in February.  Unfortunately, I do not remember if those months really were that slow or not, but it seems strange to have that many months without any survey income.  So, keep that mind.  I usually am able to earn around $1000 a year taking surveys.  You will notice that there are a few companies that I was able to earn a lot more from than others, but by taking surveys from all of them, it increases the income.  Good luck to you and let me know if you have any questions.  

2012 Total  $905.33

Survey Company Breakdown

ACOP $13.90
Brand Institute $11
Clear Voice $10
Crowd Tap  $25
Data Intelligence $5
E-Rewards $50
E Poll $20
ESearch $2
Global Opinion $10 (They have now merged with IPSOS)
Global Test Market $100
HCD $10.70
IThink $60 (Part of Surveyhead)
MommyTalk $25
Mindfield $10
MySurvey $100
One Opinion $67
Opinion Outpost $40
Panel Polls $20
Pinecone Research $48
Socratic $20
Surveyhead $25
Survey Savvy $12
Testspin $20
Valued Opinion $70
Viewpoint $11.73
Zoom Panel $100