I hope that I am not the only one with a messy kitchen drawer.  You know the one that has all the gadgets that you use twice a year but cannot get rid of?  Well, I had a drawer like that. One where things slid around every time I opened it and one where I could never easily find what I needed.  Well, thanks to my husband that is no more.  There is no before picture.  I had to spare all of you :)  But, here is what he did and an after shot.

Home Depot has small board that they call Hobby Boards.  They were around $3.75 a piece(for the size we needed) and we bought two of them.  They have them in different lengths and woods.  After deciding what size compartments would work best for the things I keep in this drawer he cut the boards to fit inside and then used Gorilla Glue to adhere them.  We let it sit several hours to dry.  Now I have a organized drawer!