With the new year coming up on us soon, I wanted to highlight some of the best ways to start the new year making money!


Money Making Surveys

I average around $100 a month taking online surveys.  Visit our survey page HERE to get started.  If you are new to taking surveys, I suggest two things:

1)    **  Create a new e-mail account just for surveys

2)     ** Sign up for 2-3 companies to start with.  This will help give you a good idea if surveys will fit in with your schedule and if you enjoy them. 

Company Panels

Lots of companies want and need your help.  You can earn money or free items just for signing up with them.  Click HERE to visit our Company Panels to Join page.  Here are a few I wanted to high for you:

Bzz Agent




 Reward Programs

More and more companies are now rewarding you for being loyal customers.  Usually they will give you points which you can then turn into prizes and cash

·         Kellogg’s Family Reward Program  Kellogg's


·         Lean Cuisine

Free Items for Your Birthday or Sign up for E-mails

Many stores and restaurants will give you free items when you sign up for their e-mails and share your birthday with them.  Click HERE to visit our pages full of these types of freebies HERE.  You are not making money with these, but you sure are saving!

I hope that this list helps you to start 2013 making some “FUN MONEY”!