I try to keep my posts upbeat and positive, but this is not one of them!  Sometimes you just have to vent.  Last month I posted about this new program Lean Cuisine had rolled out.  Purchase 20 entrees, enter the codes and choose from one of four lunch bags for FREE.  They are so cute! 

Here is my experience:

I went to my local Ralphs and the majority of their entrees were the older boxes with no mention of the program, thus no codes in the boxes.  The only items that did have codes were the pizzas.  I was able to enter those codes with no problem.  I even received a code on a print out along with coupons when I went shopping.  Again, no problem entering the codes. 
Here is where the problem began:  It says on their site that if you have purchased an entree with no code to contact them.  I did so asking what information they needed from the box.  I received a response asking for information that was not on the box but I sent them what I thought might be the same thing.  I had 7 boxes and they e-mailed me 7 codes.  NONE OF THE CODES WORKED!  I then sent them 2 more e-mails over the span of several weeks letting them know that the codes did not work.  Today I finally received a response asking me to make sure to copy and paste the codes.  Trust me, before I e-mailed them I copied and pasted and even typed the codes in, none of them worked.  I sent back a nice note letting them know nothing worked.  A few hours later I received another e-mail with new codes.  Do you want to guess what happens next....I will give you a minute. I entered the first code and it DID NOT WORK.  I entered the second code IT DID NOT WORK.  At this point I just laughed.  Come on now, how hard is it to send a customer codes that will actually work in your computer program. 

So, I sit here having just sent off yet another e-mail letting them know that the second batch of codes also do not work.  Any quesses what will happen next?  I will keep you posted.

Is anyone else collected codes for this program or had any of the same issues?  I would love to hear from you.