When my children were younger you would often find me at the children consignment shops in town.  It was such a great way to get gently worn items that they out grew so fast and turn some of mine in for cash.  With the turn in the economy many of these stores have gone out of business but a wonderful alternative is Thred Up.  A new way to buy and sell your children's clothing and toys.  Join free then shop the many "boxes" of items people have available for sale.  Each box costs only $5, but new members get a box free and only pay shipping which is $10.95.  Think of what $10.95 will buy you new, not much!  Click on the Join Today button above and take a look.  If you buy a box I would love to hear what you got and if you think you got a good deal.  Also, if you decide to sell let me know how it goes.