We recently completed our wood wall in our living/dining room and I wanted to share and give you some tips we found along the way.

We looked on line at a lot of tutorial's on wood walls. I was surprised at how many different techniques there are. In the end you need to do what will work best for your budget and skill set. We found the following possibilties: 

Use reclaimed Wood (wood you find from old fences, etc.)
Use pallet wood
Purchase New Wood (this is what we did)

Installation Method
Put stained plywood down first and then use a nail gun to put boards up
Nail boards right into the wall (main issue being when you want to take them down it will probably tear up the drywall)
Screw boards right into the wall (this is what we did)

What We Did
We decided to purchase new wood from Home Depot. We purchased two different sizes of board to give it a varied look. We measured and actually had a few boards left over (much better than not having enough and having to go back). Those boards we will use for other projects.

We purchased three different colors of stain. For our wall I found out I should have bought a quart of each, the pint size cans just were not enough, even though we only put on coat on each board.

Here are the three colors we chose. 

We divided the boards evenly into 3 piles and got to staining. We stained the sides and fronts of each board. 

Our only issue with this is that even though we had a drop cloth underneath the wood, it still some how managed to seep through in a few spots, so I would recommend more coverage if you are going to place it on the ground. 

We allowed the wood to sit almost an entire week. Part was to make sure it was really dry, part that we were working and did not have time :)

The day came to finally install. It only took us one day, but it was a long day! My husband did the majority of the work, all the cutting and installing, I was in charge of figuring out the layout. Trying to make sure to mix colors enough. We switched off between the 4 and 6 inch boards each row to help with the look as well.

We used drywall screws to install the wood. That way, if we ever decide we want something new, we can just unscrew the boards and fill the many holes : But not a ton of damage to the drywall. 

We did have to go back and touch up the stain in places after we were done. This was because in some places the wood had more gaps than in others. That was quick and easy. It was also super easy to cut around the one outlet we have on this wall. 

Wood wall complete! If you have any questions, click on the title of this post and leave a comment and I will get back to you. Project in total cost about $250.00 (Wood, stain and screws).