We will be hosting a foreign exchange student from France starting in August.  My husband was kind enough to give up his office, also known as the downstairs bedroom, for her.  We have had guests stay in here before, but there was no dresser for long term stays.  I was able to purchase a dresser from my friend Barbara for $40.  Gray and yellow seem to be really popular color pairs right now and I really wanted to try it with something in my home, and the dresser was the perfect thing.

Barbara sold me the dresser already stripped, which saved me a lot of time.  If you find an old dresser that has varnish or paint on it, it is a good idea to sand it.  You do not have to sand it all the way down to bare wood, but in order for the paint to adher really well, some sanding is needed.  In total this project cost me $63.  I definitely could not have gone out and bought a dresser this cute for this little!

I removed all of the knobs and used yellow spray paint that we already had for the knobs.  I purchased a quart of Behr Gray Timber Wolf in satin for the dresser.  It look two coats to cover really well.

I wanted to also add some Contact paper inside the drawers.  I love Contact paper, so cheap and makes things look so great!  I purchased Adhesive Contact Paper, 18" x 9' Aspen Aloe from Amazon.