had another topic up for discussion.  How do you keep your family happy? 

You have heard the old saying the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  Well, I am the mom to two teenagers and about now I am thinking that saying fits perfect for them too.  My 18 year old son eats so much and never gains a pound.  It is amazing!  When he comes home from track practice the first thing he asks is "What is for dinner"?  My daughter is the kind that stands at the pantry telling me there is nothing to eat.  Well, there might not be a bag of chocolate in there, but there is plenty to eat! :)

It can be a challenge to meet the needs of each person in your family when it comes to food.  Not everyone likes the same thing, schedules do not always match up.  We moms sometimes have a big juggling act to accomplish just to get everyone fed.  But if they have good food in their bellies then they are happy. 

Now that my children are both teens I ask their input when I am making my weekly grocery list.  Sometimes I just ask them for snack and lunch ideas, but sometimes if I cannot come up with a dinner menu idea I will ask them if there is something they like that I have not made in awhile.  They usually are really good at jogging my memory and making that list writing end.  Why do I hate making a list so much?  Am I the only one?  I want to try new things, I get tired of making the same things all the time, but most of the time when I attempt something new it does not always get rave reviews. Do you feel guilty if you make boxed or frozen meals from time to time?  For me they are a time saver and I usually throw one to two in per week.  It makes mom and the kids happy, but I feel guilty doing it all the time and miss cooking from scratch.   Thank goodness for my husband.  He never complains about anything I make and even pitches in.  Tonight he is making dinner so I can stay right here and write this post!  Love him for that. 

If you have any meals that your kids love please click on the title of this post and share it with all of us.  I know I need to hear some new ideas!   

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