I was lucky enough to be sent some Green Works products in the mail a few weeks back to test and review.  I had seen their products on the shelves of stores I visit in the past, but had never purchased them.  So, I was excited to give them a try.  And knowing that they were environmentally friendly was a plus.  

The first product I tried was their laundry detergent (not pictured above).  I really enjoyed the fragrance, not too strong, but pleasant.  I did not suddenly notice that my clothes were any cleaner using their detergent, but it definitely kept up with what I have been using.

Next I tried their cleaning wipes.  I used them all over my house!  Again, I loved the clean smelling scent.  They worked really well in not only collecting dust (especially on my computer screen,) but in actually cleaning surfaces.  You can imagine with two teenagers what the desks in front of their computers look like.  Black!  Now they are clean thanks to Green Works wipes :)  For those of you with a compost pile, you can even put these in there!

I next had to clean my bathroom and used their non-toxic bathroom cleaner.  It cleaned very well with none of that chemical smell you get from a lot of cleaning sprays.

And last on my list was my kitchen counter.  You know how dirty those can get!  I used the Green Works All Purpose Cleaner which is in a spray form.  You can use it on any surface since it is non-toxic, so I had no worries about what I was spraying.  It cleaned up my counter tops quickly.

So in closing, I really enjoyed all the Green Works products I tried.  What I liked the most was the spray cleaners not smelling like chemicals.  I did not realize how bad the other ones smell until I used Green Works.   

Now for the coupon!  Click HERE and sign up with Green Works.  Then you can print out a $1 off coupon good for any of their products.  You can also read all the ingredients that make up their products.