I thought I would share a fun treat I made for my son's graduation this weekend.

Graduation Cap Candy

1 bag peanut butter cups
Chocolate squares - either individually wrapped or a bar that you break
Gummy strips
Baking chocolate

Put the peanut butter cups in the freezer for a while.  This will help when taking off the wrappers.  Then allow then to return to room temperature. 
Melt the baking chocolate and then dip lollipop sticks one at a time in the chocolate (just the tops) and then into the center of the peanut butter cup (going only half way).  Hopefully they will not crack but some of ours did.
Use the baking chocolate as a glue, adher the chocolate squares to the peanut butter cups) To save money I bought bars of chocolate, but breaking them was not that easy, many of them broke,  So if I made these again I would probably spend the money to buy the individually wrapped chocolates)
Use icing (I had some small tubs in different colors) and put a drop in the middle of the chocolate square.  Then use your gummy strips which you have probably had to cut and stick onto the drop of icing.

I had my daughter and my son's girlfriend help me make this so the process was faster but the perfectionist in me would have made them a little neater.  But it is all about memories.

I will be passing these out at our party on Saturday.