Just another oldie but goodie Fall recipe that I wanted to share.  

*Bake regular cupcakes - I made chocolate but you could make any flavor you want.
*After they are cooled I iced with them chocolate icing. Add a tiny amount of chocolate icing at the top of the cupcake as ears - not super easy, but not rocket science
*Now for the learning curve :)  I bought Oreos and assumed that with a knife I would be able to cut them in half and have half the icing on each side of the cookie. Let me tell you, that is impossible :)  So, you can try one of two things.  One, buy enough Oreos so that you can use just half of the cookie for the eye balls and figure out something to do with the side that has no icing, or do what I did since I did not have enough.  I took all the cream off the cookies, put it in a bowl, mixed in a little milk and then put the icing on the cookies again. Definitely more time consuming but the cheapest alternative.
*Put an M&M onto each eye ball - if you are using Oreos with the filling you will need to put a little icing on the M&M so it sticks to the Oreo.
* Put one M&M on its side to use as a nose.