Facebook has been making a lot of changes lately and I just found out about one that effects all of us.  Facebook has decided for us which Friends and Companies updates we see, and it might not be all of them.  They have tracked which friends and companies you have interacted with the most and put them in your view and left out others.  So, to be able to see all your friends again here is what you need to do.

**Once you are logged into your account click on the Most Recent tab which is about in the middle of your page
**Once the menu comes up click the Edit button on the very bottom
*Another menu will come up called Show Posts From.  You will notice that what is already chosen for you is "Friends and Pages you interact with most".  Click on the arrow next to it and another option "All your friends and pages" will come up.  Choose this option and the save button and you will be all set. 

Now you won't miss a thing!