Last year I shared with you a great new way to earn "fun money".  It was Endorse and all you had to do was "endorse" products and stores and then send in your receipts.  I was able to earn over $100!  But after only a few months they realized that they needed to make some changes and so everything was put on hold.  Well, they are about to start up again.  If you are already a member expect to hear from them in the next few weeks.  If not, click HERE to get on their list and they will be sending out invites very soon.  

One thing to note is that they are mentioning quite a bit about using your smartphones to send in receipts.  I am not sure if this replace the old method of sending in receipts or if this will be in addition.  So, even if you do not have a smartphone, get on their waiting list and then we will see exactly how the new program will work in a few weeks.