I have not been so excited about a new company in a long time!  I want to tell you a little about Endorse.  It is a new Facebook application (not a Facebook page).  You accept the app and create an account. They will then mail you envelopes.  Why you might be asking?  To send in your receipts to get MONEY! 

Here is what you will need to do:

* Search through their large list of stores, restaurants and products and choose ones that you visit or purchase and "Endorse" them.  

*Buy endorsing products you will then be able to send in original receipts and receive 10% cash back.  So, if you shop at Walmart and spend $100, you would mail in your receipt and get $10 credited to your account.  Once you hit $25 they will mail you a check!!!
*Now here is the awesome thing.  For each item you endorse they give you a unique code.  You will then want to share that code with your friends.  If they endorse that product through your link and then also send in their receipts you will get 100% off your receipt back.  Can you imagine?  But you will have to have at least 5 friends do this, so definitely spread the word!  They will then get their own code and will be able to do the same.  
Here are 4 of my unique codes:





*If a product or store you like is not listed you can e-mail them and they will consider adding it.  

This is one of the hottest new ways I have seen in a long time to earn that "Fun Money"!

Note:  If you are like me you will be on the site at least 30 minutes endorsing products.  It is so worth it!   

So, let's help each other out.  I shared 4 of my links above.  If you could endorse these companies through my links I would sure appreciate it.  After you have done so, click on the title of this post and leave your unique code and hopefully the next person will use your code and so on.  This way we can all get 5 people to endorse a product from our links and earn that "Fun Money"!