I am all about getting a great deal.  If you have been reading MFM for awhile you know that.  So, at first glance you might wonder why I would purchase this product.  If you visit Amazon.com you will find the Sunny Day laundry detergent priced at $9.80 a bottle.  Well more than what I normally pay and probably you too!  But, here is the amazing thing about Ecover laundry detergent.  One bottle washes 51 loads of laundry! That is a little over $.19 a load, amazing!  I hate laundry detergent that has claims on the bottle of doing large loads, but if you are not careful you end up filling their large caps up with too much and the bottle lasts half as long as you think it will.  Well, Ecover has that all covered. They made the lid tiny so you will not use too much.  Great idea!  But you know I am always looking for a deal.  If you contact Ecover at  1-800-449-4925 they will send you a coupon to help you get an even better deal!  And please note that you can purchase Ecover in your local grocery store.  I just used Amazon as a quick price comparison.  

Here are a few of the great facts about Ecover:

Personal benefits:
  • HE compatible
  • keeps colors bright
  • tackles tough stains
  • fresh fragrance from plant-based ingredients
Environmental benefits:
  • no chlorine
  • no phosphates
  • no optical brighteners
  • biodegradable
  • suitable for septic tanks
  • not tested on animals
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 I have been using the detergent for awhile now and really like it.  The Sunny Day variety has a very pleasant smell.  If you try it or are currently using it, let us know what you think!  Click on the title of this post and leave a comment :) 

Disclosure:  I received a free bottle of Ecover from Naturally Savvy to try,  but this in no way altered my view of the product.  All comments are 100% mine!