I wanted to take a sec to remind you about Ebates.  It is a great shopping portal website.  What does that mean?  Well, any time you want to shop online visit Ebates first.  Then use their search engine to see if the store you want to shop at is listed.  If it is, click through and shop as normal.  But, Ebates will pay you just for clicking through them first.  It is an extra 20 seconds and it is well worth it.  I just received, via Paypal, a payment for $11.42 from Ebates.  And, I did not tell you the best thing.  When you first sign up you get to choose a $10 gift card.  Once you make a $25 purchase through them the gift card is yours, FREE!

Click HERE to sign up today!  Here are just a few of the stores they have listed and the percentage they will pay you:

Target 3% of your purchase amount
Kohl's 6% of your purchase amount
JCPenney 6% of purchase amount
And so many more! 

If you are already a member, how much money have you gotten back?  Click on the title of this post and let us know!