Since I dish out coupon information and coupons for that matter, not using coupons makes me feel guilty :)  Yesterday I went to the store and...are you ready for it?,,.,  I only used 2 coupons!  I had decided to try some new homemade recipes this coming week and there were no coupons for the items I was buying.  I only used a dog food and cat food coupon.  When I handed them over to the cashier I was almost ashamed, not that she knew any better :)  I did get some great deals because the store I was shopping at had a buy 10 get a discount deal running, but it still was not the same.  I missed the beep, beep, beep of the coupons coming off my bill.

Do you have a coupon story?  Feel free to leave a comment by clicking on the title of this post or if you would like to share a longer story e-mail me and I will share it with all of us fellow coupon users :)