If you have been following us on Facebook then you know that I have been posting 5 point codes each day since December 1st.  Well, I have a surprise for you!  I got my hands on the codes for each day of their program this month!  You cannot enter codes for days that have not arrived yet.  I am not sure what time they go live but I think it is around noon EST.  I have been entering my codes each day so I am not sure if you can enter codes from days past.  If anyone tries it can you leave a comment on this post (by clicking on the title) and let everyone else know.    
Linda let us know that you cannot enter the old codes, so it is one code per day - so do not forget!  I would copy and paste these into a Word document and save it and try to remember each day to enter the code.  Enjoy!

 If you are not already a member, this is a great time to become one so you can start earning points.   I was able to use my points in October to receive a $20 Disney Store gift card!  I would love to refer you (if you refer new members you get more points).  So e-mail me with your name and I will send you out a invite!

  • 1: 25DOCNFI84DS

  • 2-4: 25DOC83NF8AH

  • 5: 25DOCFNC9DNA

  • 6: 25DOC56FBX71

  • 7: 25DOCVBZQ987

  • 8: 25DOC846DBD9

  • 9-11: 25DOC89DSDJD

  • 12: 25DOC3263JDE

  • 13: 25DOC8DFDKFT

  • 14: 25DOC7FGD6AB

  • 15: 25DOC9QFJAFP

  • 16-18: 25DOC93HFDKQ

  • 19: 25DOC83EALDJ

  • 20: 25DOCDKSAF8S

  • 21: 25DOCLKDAJFE

  • 22: 25DOCEKJFAKX

  • 23-25: 25DOCFJKARJF