Today was the last day of visiting thrift stores with my mom.  My daughter decided to tag along as well.  We visited two thrift stores.  Our first stop was our local Assistance League store.  I purchased this cute polka dot dress for my daughter for $6.  She tried it on and it fits perfectly.  The only other item I picked up at this shop was a microwave egg cooker for 50 cents.  I have been looking for one for a few months.  I had read on another blog I enjoy, how she had purchased one and used it to make eggs for her version of egg mcmuffins.  I was so happy to get one and for so cheap!

We then visited our newly renovated Salvation Army.  I was able to get a pair of Nine West jeans, a milk glass vase, an awesome pillow and a blue dish for a plate rack I purchased a few years ago at a thrift store.  They were offering 30% off everything in the store so everything was cheap except for the jeans.  They were still $7.50 but I swear they are almost brand new!  

I also thought I would share this picture.  As part of the renovation of our local store they added a snack bar.  I am telling you, thrift stores are not shabby any more!  What is the most interesting item you have seen or bought at a thrift store?  I would love to hear about it.