Let me tell you, I had grand thrifting plans, boy did I, but things just did not go so well.  First, I woke up this morning with a killer headache and an upset stomach.  One pill and some cereal and I still was felling sick, but off I went for my 1 hour drive to pick up my mom.  We went to lunch and by then I was feeling better.  

Our first stop was an AmVets store near where she lives.  It looked promising just going thru the door!  50% off all misc. items and certain tagged clothing.  I found 4 items and let me tell you, they were cheap!  But, when we went to check out they had new registers that were just installed yesterday and they were not accepting credit cards.  I scrounged around $3.85 so I could get all the items my mom wanted and I ended up with a splatter shield for $.45 and a cute mirror for $.23, like I said the prices were amazing, but I had to put two of my items back!  The mirror has a hanger on the back but I think I will use it to place a candle on.  But, even with the great prices, the register problem was a mess and it took 20 min. for us to check out.  So, rather than heading to any more stores near my mom we drove back to my town.

We then visited Angel View Thrift Store.  All of their yellow tagged items were 50% off.  I found the cute shirt pictured above for $2.99 (I folded it, it is not really that short :) and a gift for someone.  

Our last stop was my local Dollar Tree store.  I did not bother to show our haul there, but $18 later we left :)  Tomorrow is another day of thrifting.  I can only hope it will get better.  Still hoping for that allusive Pyrex.