I hope all of you have enjoyed the feeling of a shopping trip where you saved a lot.  The sense of accomplishment inknowing you got the best deals possible.  And, I hope that MFM can play some small part in helping you do so.  

I just returned from shopping at 3 stores and I was able to get all of the items pictured above for $17.55.  Amazing, right?  Love it!  And I love how shopping like this starts up great conversations with the cashiers and others waiting in line.  I am able to share with them all about MFM and how they can do it too!

Here is a breakdown of my day:


Spent $7.39 out of pocket
I did this by trying to be a smart shopper.  There is a Christmas item on my shopping list that I knew was a bigger ticket item.  I looked around on line for the last several weeks trying to get the best deal.  I had a friend helping me as well.  I actually purchased the item through QVC but then cancelled my order.  On Thanksgiving day Kohls had a 30% off code and they were giving away Kohl's cash.  I shared the discount codes here :)  Anyway, not only was the "item" (just in case you know who is reading this :) the cheapest I had found it anywhere once I used the 30% off code, but they e-mailed me $60 in Kohl's cash!  So today I visited Kohl's and was able to purchase 8 items for my mom for Christmas!

Spent $3.80

I preached about the Purina freebie offer in October almost every day.  Each day in October they were giving away one dog and one cat freebie.  A few weeks ago I received 3 sheets worth of free coupons in the mail.  I have used some of them at a grocery store, but some of the prices were higher than the value of the coupon. So, went to Petsmart where the prices were more reasonable.  What was even better was that one of the items that I was getting for free had a tear off coupon in the store.  If you bought that item you received 2 cans of dog food for free.  So, I walked out with 11 items for under $4!  I had to pay tax and one item was $1.50 more than the coupon limit.  


Spent $6.36

This is a little trip, but I just wanted to show you how to match deals.  The first day of each month Nabisco offers a $1 cookie coupon when you purchase a gallon of milk - on their Facebook page.  The coupons go quick so I normally just share the coupon link on MFM's Facebook page, which I did today.  You can print the coupon out twice.  I normally go to the store on Friday mornings.  I like my routine :)  But today starting at 1pm Ralphs was having a sale.  Chips Ahoy cookies were on sale for $.99.  So, I used both of my coupons and bought the milk I would have bought tomorrow, today.  I do not know if I would have gone just for this deal, but since I was out shopping it made sense.  Yes, we go through 3 gallons of milk a week!

I hope that this inspires you to take time to look for the best deals.  I want all of you feeling wonderful about saving and have some "fun money" left over!