Starting today at Noon Pacific, 3pm Eastern Cellfire  is offering another Cinderella promotion. This one is only available to Kroger Family stores shoppers including:

* Kroger
* King Soopers
* Smith’s
* Jay C
* Hilander
* Baker’s
* Fry’s
* Owen’s
* City Market
* Pay Less
* Cala/Bell
* Dillons
* Gerbes
* Ralphs
* Scotts
* and Fred Meyer

Once you log in with your grocery reward card number you will see all the coupons that you can load to your card.  Among them might be a member coupon that is for either $1, $5 or $10.  I was able to load a $1 coupon to my card.  Only 10,000 coupons will be available.