If you have not heard about Cellfire before, it is a coupon company that ads coupons directly to your grocery store rewards card.  When you purchase the item the amount comes directly off your receipt.  Today through 3pm PST you can log in and find a free coupon worth anywhere between 50 cents and $2 that you can add to your card for FREE!  I just did it and received a 50 cent coupon.  Click Here to sign in or up.

It looks like this is a Kroger promotion so the coupon is valid at the following sotres:  Kroger, Bakersplus, Citymarket, Dillons, Frysfood, Gerbes, Hilander, Jaycfoods, Kingsoopers, Owensmarket, Pay-less, QFC, Ralphs, Smithsfoodanddrug, Food4lessfremont, Tom Thumb, Cala Foods Bell Markets, Fred Meyer, Vons, Randall’s, Pavilions, Genuardi’s, Carrs and Scott’s.