I have not been doing many projects around here lately, it has been a really busy time.  Bu,t I just had to try this one.  Brooke from SpruceYourNest had this on her Pinterest board and I just fell in love.  I have a wall that was in need of something, but I did not know what.  I had gone shopping many times looking for just the right thing with no luck.  

Now I have 2 works of art that cost me next to nothing!  Mind you, I have no artistic ability what so ever!  My husband loves to paint and draw, so he was my partner in this project.  He already had the canvases 

so we bought a quart of paint in a lovely blue and he got to work on the background and the tree.  It was then my turn to find a ton of white buttons and get to gluing :)  I ended up having to buy 2 small bags of buttons at JoAnn's (with a coupon of course) and just used regular white glue.  I also threw in 2 colored buttons on each canvas just for fun.

Here is an up close look