Back in April I shared with you HERE the goodies I found while shopping at thrift stores.  One of the items that I had been looking for, and was lucky enough to find, was this microwave egg cooker for only $.50!  I wanted to make my version of Egg McMuffins for the family and this makes it so much easier!  But, I was surprised when I mention the egg cooker to people, that many people had never heard of such a thing!  Amazon currently sells the Nordic Ware Microwave 2 Cavity Egg Poacher for $5.11.  Definitely more than I paid for mine, but still well worth it.  

All you have to do is crack one egg into each side, poke the yoke with a fork and add one teaspoon of water to each egg.  Close and microwave for 1 minute.  How simple!  

To complete the sandwiches I use turkey sausage, sourdough English muffins and a slice of cheese.  

Here are what the eggs look like after they are cooked.  Do not judge, they really are tasty :)