I just wanted to let you know about another website that offers you the chance to host parties.  Mommyparties.com would like your help.  Click HERE to learn more about them and sign up.    I was recently sent a survey about hosting a Bausch & Lomb party.  If you have a tween/teen daughter click HERE to apply and let me know if you get in on this latest party.  

Benefits to host:

  • Exclusive limited opportunity for host and her guests to receive a deep discount coupon forBausch + Lomb SofLens daily disposable lenses.
  • An eye care professional will be on-hand to answer any questions or concerns guests may have
  • Host will receive a party kit complete with recipes, activities and goodie bags/giveaways to share with her guests. Due to FDA regulations, we are not able to provide actual contact lenses.
  • Opportunity to invite a local makeup artist to your party to give makeovers/makeup tips to your tween/teen guests.