Saveology Local Deals

OK, these are a must have.  I have never seen deals so good.  Saveology has a ton of gift cards on sale really cheap.  Her are the steps and then I will share the deals.  

1)  The gift card deals are only valid for new members.  So, click on the See How orange button above and create an account.  If you already have an account you will need to create a new one with a different e-mail address.

2)  Then come back here, I know it is a pain, and click HERE to see the list of gift card deals.  

Here are the deals they are offering and I am sure they will go fast!  I purchased 2 of the gift card.  Note that you will have to have a different e-mail for each gift card you are interested.  Luckily I have a family who all have their own e-mail accounts :)  

*$10 for a $25 Baja Fresh gift card
*$12.50 for a $25 Macy's gift card
*$3 for a $10 Coldstone gift card
*$3 for a $10 Kohl's gift card
*$10 for a $25 CVS gift card
$12.50 for a $25 iTunes gift card
$10 for a $25 Build-A-Bear gift card
*$3 for a $10 Jamba Juice gift card
And more!  See, I told you they are amazing deals!