I was able to review the sweetest book "Adopted Ed".  It is about an adopted boy and how he copes with mean kids at school teasing him for being adopted.  It is written by first time author Darren Maddern.  It is appropriate for all ages and is so uplifting.  It is written entirely in rhyme which really keeps your attention.  Here is the last line of the book.  "So puff out your chest and say it out loud, I'm adopted, I'm special, and stand very proud."  In the very back of the book it even has a list of several famous people who were adopted.  They include Edgar Allen Poe, Jesse Jackson, Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X. 

If you are interested in reading more about this or purchasing your own copy, visit Amazon.com Here.  The cost is $9.95 and includes free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

I also would love to give my copy to any of you out there who have adopted a child and would like to read this to them. the first person to e-mail me here with their name and address will get this copy in time for Christmas.  Just put Adopted Ed in the subject line.