How many personalized photo cards do you receive each holiday season?  They are so popular now days.  But, have you noticed a difference between them?  Do some look better than others?  What makes the ones that stand out, so much better?

1) The picture is so important!  One year I received a card from a family.  They had been on vacation and had someone snap a picture of them.  While the background was very nice, they were not.  (Is that mean to say?)  You could tell they had been on a long car trip and were glad to be getting out of the car and stretching.  Make sure the picture is one you want to share with others, especially those that you do not see on a regular basis, and who only see you in a photo card each year.

2)  Spend Time to create your card - Make sure you set aside some quiet time to create your card.  It takes time to pick out the best layout and the correct wording.  If you have your kids sitting by you asking for lunch, the card might not turn out the best. 

3)  Use a great website - I just love for creating cards.  They have a lot of different options for creating the best card possible and it is user friendly which is so important.  The worst thing is to use a site that is so difficult to figure out.  I also prefer cards that still are a card.  A card that opens and is not flat.  That is what offers.

4)  Look for a great deal - Now I know we want to create a great card, but we don't want to break the bank doing so.  Think outside the box.  Maybe instead of printing and mailing your cards, you send them via e-mail.  With you can do just that!  They also have the option to print your own cards.  So if you have some great paper you have wanted to use pay just $5.95 and print them yourself.  For a limited time you can get free shipping through by using code FREESHIP456.

5)  Have fun!  If creating a card feels like a chore than it will not be something you will want to do again.  Get input from others on what picture you should use, have the family vote on which picture, add your pets to the picture.  I posted pictures from our recent trip to Disneyland on Facebook and was told it should be our Christmas card picture.  My family is known for being a little wacky so I thought I would share our card I made on with you :)

I wish I could have shared a better picture, but yes this is Splash Mountain and yes my husband has his hat on sideways and is making a weird face and my son has to sit in the front and be cool.  The 2 poor ladies in the back had no chance! Disclosure:  I wrote this post while participating in a campaign which makes me eligible to receive a Purple Trail gift code.  You can check out the contest information page here.