With 2011 behind us I wanted to give you a final wrap up with the total amount I was able to make taking surveys.  No, you will not become rich, but it is a good way to put a little fun money in your wallet!  As I have mentioned before, each survey company listed on our Free Money Making Surveys page is a company that I belong to.  I will never suggest a company unless I have tried it out first.  Yes, there are scams out there, so I am careful to make sure that companies I suggest are legit.  If you have any questions about any of them, feel free to e-mail me.  Let's start out 2012 making some FUN MONEY!

My 2011 Breakdown

January $2.00 (wow that was a slow month!)
February $113.00
March $82.50
April $132.03
May $83.20
June  $46.50
July $110.00
August $181.38
September $83.70
October $81.00
November $135.00
December $81.00
TOTAL FOR 2011  $1131.31  (and remember, this does not include all of the great freebies I was able to test for these companies throughout the year!

Top 5 Paying Companies for Me 

MySurvey $140
Global Test Market $100
Opinion Outpost  $93.80
Surveyhead $75
E-Rewards $75

To keep track of your survey income make sure to download our survey tracker.  It is located on the top of our Free Money Making Survey page.  

Good Luck to you in 2012!